Building a Greenhouse


Today we get to venture into a talk about how to build a functional but small greenhouse. First we will talk about shopping for the materials for your greenhouse. Then we will talk about locating your greenhouse and constructing the foundation. Next we will talk about constructing the PVC frame. After that we will go over constructing the end walls and door frame. We will then talk about building the base frame than finally we will discuss installing the polyethylene sheeting. Some of the materials and tools you are going to need are fold-up tables, a hand saw, a jig saw, a quarter inch drill with drill bit, a Philips head drill bit, safety glasses, Markers and pencils, a shovel, a hammer, you will need a box of 2 inch galvanized nails, one box of 3 inch galvanized deck screws, a box of one and a half inch galvanized deck screws, a box of one and a quarter inch galvanized deck screws and then you’ll need the materials list items. These include framing materials, end wall materials, base frame materials, and poly covering and securing materials. For a complete list of the other materials needed for the framing, end walls, base frame, and poly cover you can find those online. Always wear your safety glasses when using the jigsaw. You may need assistance from someone for some of the steps in this series.

So lets’ discuss shopping for the materials you’ll need for your green house, Rather than write down all the materials you’ll need from the video, you can visit our website we mentioned previously for a complete list and illustrated diagrams that will assist you in building your own green house. So first let’s go over what framing materials we need for our green house. To

start we will need 12x 36 inch lengths of rebar, have them precut when you purchase of you can only buy them in longer lengths then 36 inches. Then we will need 12x 10 foot lengths of ¾ inch schedule 40 PVC pipe. Make sure that you have these pieces cut to 5 foot long segments so you will have a total of 24 pieces. We will also need 5x 12 foot lengths of the ¾ inch schedule 40 PVC pipe which you will cut into 3 foot ten inch segments and you will end up with 15 pieces after that. We will need 12x 4-way connection ¾ inch PVC cross-joints, 6x 3-way ¾ inch PVC T-joints, a canister of PVC cement to connect our PVC piping together. The end wall materials we will need are 4x- 4×8 ¾’’ exterior plywood sheeting which we will use at one end of our green house, and when securing your end panels together make sure you use1x3 or 1×4 framing material. We will need a package of 8 inch cable zip ties, a new or used screen door and two screen door hinges. We will need 1×3 or 1×4 lumber to frame the door opening and 4x – 2x10x10’ treated lumber for each side or the greenhouse for the base frame.  For the rest of the info and materials needed to make this greenhouse continue watching the videos in this series.