Building a Raised Flower Bed

Gardening is a fun hobby that really has a great outcome if you get it right. I can be challenging sometimes but there are always things we can do to make it easier on ourselves. One of those things is growing our gardens in raised beds. Of course you need to know how to build a raised garden bed and I’m going to walk you through that today. When it comes to the advantages to growing in raised beds, there are plenty. When your garden bed is raised it allows your soil to warm up quicker than usual and it provides you with a longer growing season so you can produce more fruits or vegetables if you grow them in your raised bed. The advantages don’t stop there, if your garden bed is raised, you don’t need to kneel and bend down as much, so having a raised bed will really take it much easier on your body while you’re weeding it or doing whatever needs to be done at the time. Your tired knees and sore backs will be much less of a pain. Another benefit is that elevated gardens drain much better so you have really good drainage as opposed to being in heavy clay or whatever type of soil naturally surrounds you. When you have a raised garden bed you get to choose the soil you grow your plant life in. Weather that be a regular soil or compost and soil mix you like best, it’s all up to you. Then I’ll end with one of the biggest advantages. Fewer weeds; if you lay a tarp or a weed cloth down before you build your bed in there it will pretty much eliminate all those weeds from coming up through, stealing nutrients from your plants, and taking a toll on your back and knees.

You have a couple of options when it comes to raised beds; you can buy the kits or you can build it yourself from scratch. When you purchase a raised garden bed kit, it is really fairly simple. If you’ve ever stacked Lego or put together some Lincoln logs you’ll have no problem with it. You just lay all the pieces out and put the corner pieces in. Once you know everything is there and ready to place you can take the corners and start to slide the boards between. In the time it took you to watch this video you could go out yourself and put together your own raised bed.

Now for you handymen out there who like to cut the wood and build from scratch, we will cover some tips here to ensure your raised bed works out too. So the bed we are going to build today is going to be built out of 4x4wood and it will be 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. We will need six timbers that are 4x4x8, a saw to cut them, a pencil, a tape measure, and spikes. You may also need at least 4 inch nails and a hammer or screws and a drill. Make sure your weed cloth is down first if you’re going to be using one. Put on your safety glasses and use your saw to cut the right sized lumber. Stager them two layers high and screw or nail in the pieces on each end and also on an angle across the top. All that’s left is for you to fill the bed with your favorite soil or compost then plant away. Good luck on your journey to using raised beds.