After a long day at work it’s nice to have a place your comfortable in to go home to. Seeking sanctuary in your home is not uncommon and wanting a beautiful bedroom to recharge in is a wonderful thing to have. When you have a place to truly relax and unwind you get a better sleep and you’re a better version of yourself when it comes time to leave again. It’s great when your entire home is a comfortable place for you to be but we all have to start somewhere so why not start in a place you spend a lot of your time in. Many people are unsure of where to start when it comes to designing their own bedroom sanctuary and that’s ok because today I’m going to share some information on how to start this off and do it right.  Today I’m going to let you in on a few designer secrets that will help you create a comfortable and beautiful place to relax and enjoy it as if you were on a mini vacation.

When designing any room in your home you’ll need to think about your color pallet which is just a set of colors that really complement each other well. Choosing the right one for the space is important because the right color pallet helps to set the mood for the room. Soft and cool colors have a soothing effect and so do neutrals. Strong colors really create drama. When it comes to choosing the right colors a good rule of thumb is 60/30/10. Sixty percent of the room should be one color, thirty percent should be the second and ten percent should be the accent color. A good example of this would be to paint the walls one color, then the upholstery would be the second color and the third color would be used in the accessories. White usually makes a room feel bigger so if you have a smaller room then paint the walls white or just use a lot of light colors.

Now we need to think about the lighting, the right lighting really helps find the right ambiance whether it be a crisp, clear and focused mood set or a more relaxed, warm and cozy ambiance. Adjustable lighting is really the best decision so you can conform your lighting to whatever mood you’re feeling.  One way to accomplish this is to have a strong main lighting fixture with some lamps. Adjustable lamps are great for this effect. All you need to do is turn them up or down and your lighting is right where you want it.

So we have the paint, colors and lighting taken care of and now we need to talk about the bed and bedding which can really have an effect on the room and your back. In general a mattress set that has been used for 7 years should be replaced so your comfort stays intact and you mattress gives you the best support possible. Even consider upgrading your whole bed set if there’s room in your budget. Always look for outlets to express your creativity. Finish your room off with some really great accent pieces and your sanctuary is done and ready to relax in.