Creating the Right Color Palette for Your Home Theme

Color sets everything off in your home. If you like a bit of adventure, maybe some gold and black will give it a dynamic feel that complements one another. Maybe you like a more romantic setting so a nice, bright red will give you that warm feeling of love in your household. If you like a bit of zen, light hues of blue or even brown can give you a peaceful feeling that brings you back to earth. Either way, a color palette shows off your personality like none other. You have the nice accessories and items to go with your home, but the color shows off what you feel inside. It’s important to pick the right color because anyone who steps in will already get that a certain vibe you want to give off. Here’s how to get the right color palette for your home.

How to Understand Your Color Palette

When it comes to interior design, one of the best advantages is knowing how a proper color scheme works. It’s all about knowing how different colors can impact different emotions.  If you have a color wheel available, it may be a good idea to just spin and look at the different color choices to see how you feel. For example, a warm tone would be your red, yellow, or orange coors. They are quite fiery and embark some kind of passion in your blood. On the flip, you may want to get green, violet, or even indigo. This is a lot cooler so the impact is more meditation, relaxation, and serenity. Brown or black would add a hint of fashion, and also they are balancing colors that would work well against white. These are few details you want to look at when choosing the right color palette for your room.

Picking the Right Scheme for the Room Function

Obviously, each room has its own personality. Let’s say you wanted to start with your living room. This is where your famiy engages in fun and activity. You want this to be a red, orange, or yellow color because of the live aspect. It’s where everyone goes and things get a bit excitable. For your bedroom, you might want a light blue. It’s where you relax and have your peace of mind after an exhausting day at work or school. Maybe you have room just to get in your spiritual mode. Maybe a nice gold and black color would add a bit of a spiritual and richness to your spirit. It’s all up to you on how you set things up for your home.

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Color Palette

Some of the main things you don’t want to do is copy off your friend. Your flooring, walls, and cabinets can all be different. You don’t want to fight the overall scheme of your house unless you have a serious paint job to match.Don’t expect a particular color in a fan deck to look exactly how it is when you paint it in your home. Things look bigger when it’s expansive. Some things you can do to help your color scheme is to use a color wheel. Purchase a sample of the paint and actually paint it on your walls. This way you can see what works and what doesn’t. Look at it in the morning, afternoon, and late evening so you can gauge how your room feeds off the color. These tips will help you pick the right palette for your home.