DIY Gift Box

1Today we will be making our own gift boxes to give as favors or presents for loved ones and friends. Making these gift boxes is a very easy and super2 fun activity that’s great to do with kids because it’s family friendly. Making your own gift boxes isn’t only fun, it’s inexpensive and they can be used for wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and Valentine’s Day; the varieties and applications go on forever. The materials you’ll need to make your DIY miniature gift boxes or favors are an exacto knife, various colors and types of paper; the dimensions of the paper you’ll need are 6 x 6 inches. You can be so creative with this. It’s really up to you how you’d like to design your box. For the lid of the box we will use a 6 x 6 piece of acetate or Dura-Lar paper which you can buy at a craft or stationery store. Acetate paper is the type of paper they use for transparencies when you’re displaying something with an overhead projector. You buy it either printed on with tons of different designs and lovely script or plain; the 3decision is up to you. You’ll need a straight edge ruler and I also use a square ruler for making my boxes. It’s not completely necessary but I find it’s a lot easier to measure out a square with a square ruler. Something else that might come in handy is a cutting mat to cut your paper over because it’s a lot 4like when you’re cutting vegetables. It so you have something to cut the knife into so you don’t do damage to any of your tables or counters. This makes it easier on your hands and it makes the paper much easier to cut accurately. Once your box is constructed, you’ll want to top it with a pretty little bow so make sure you pick up some different ribbon for that.

You’ll also want to make sure you have all sorts of fun things to put inside your boxes, for birthdays you could add in balloons and candy. If you’re making a DIY gift box for a baby shower you could put in mini baby bottles and pacifiers, I think they’re such cute ideas. If you have a wedding your making these lovely boxes for, you can fill the boxes with tea lights and confetti in 5the wedding colors. For Valentines gift boxes these are great to put in some little chocolates and some tissue paper. Remember when you’re working with sharp instruments and children are around, you’ll need to be very 6cautious of where their fingers are at all times. So I’ll just give you some direction on how to start making the bottom of our box then you can continue watching the videos to get the rest of the directions. Get your desired piece of paper and fold it into fours so you can get the 6×6 piece needed. If you didn’t have the right sized piece of paper to do this with you could measure it out with a square ruler or any sort of ruler and cut it from that. Don’t stop there; keep watching these videos for the remaining instructions.