Fix Up Pathways in Your Garden

Pathways keep the traffic in your garden out of your plant life. You don’t want anyone stepping somewhere they shouldn’t but some people may work very hard on their gardens and like to show it off. Whether you have garden pathways for that or just for you to walk around in,
you still want to keep them maintained and looking nice so it’s important to keep them in good condition. The best time to revamp your pathways is in the winter when you’ve harvested for the last time before the ground gets too cold and you’re not going to be growing anything for a while or walking the pathway much. Over
the season your garden pathways have be worn down through all the traffic of visitors or even just from your own use from the time you’ve spent nurturing it.

If you made the decision to have wood chip pathways then you will have come to notice they need to be refreshed from them breaking down every season so when the season comes to an end it’s time to get out there and replace them. Don’t forget because your pathways will get overly worn and disappear if not. Depending on your gardens size and the pathways that need the wood chips replaced in, the amount of wood chips you’ll need will vary. Usually when using mulch you’ll only need a few wheelbarrow’s full but again the amount will vary with different sized gardens. You will also need a good bow rake to do this job. It will come in handy when you need to scrape off the old pathway materials used to make room for the fresh material you’re using and also for spreading your pathway material out. When reforming your pathways remember that you don’t need it too thick because it is likely to just spill over the edges and look messy. Keep the height to a minimum so your pathways appear crisp and looking neat and nice. A few inches will do the trick so don’t over-do it.

There are a variety of various materials you can use to create your perfect pathways. For mine I chose to go with gravel which I find to be a little more decorative and fitting for the job here. Just like with many other things used for pathway, gravel does start wearing out and growth comes up through it during the course of a season. Regular use of my pathways over time has caused it to be kicked away and my once crisp paths are now looking like they need a little TLC.  So to get my garden area looking nice once again I’m going to start by using my bow rake to remove all the old messy debris that is left. Next I’ll fill up my wheel barrow with some of my gravel and wheel it to the furthest point then start working my way back to the front of the garden.  Following my instructions; spread out a decent layer so people know where you want them to be walking next season. When you’re done your garden pathways will be clear once again and ready for visitors to see all your hard work without stepping on it.