Helpful Garden Insects

image1Your garden isn’t just a perfect place to grow your flowers, fruit, and veggies. Your garden is an ecosystem with many things happening at once. Not only is it where your plants are growing and being nourished but it is also home to many insects. Some of the insects might be damaging but there are certain ones that are actually quite beneficial to your plant life. I’m going to talk to you today about how to attract the good insects into your garden.

The insects that are on your side when it comes to growing a lush and healthy garden are the pollinators which do exactly what you would assume; they pollinate your flowers and help them to grow. Then of course, it is an image2ecosystem so there is a food chain. The bugs that are feeding off your plants, like aphids, get eaten by those pretty little ladybugs so that’s one type of insect you want in plentiful amounts. If you want fewer mosquitos, then attract dragon flies because they love eating mosquitoes. If you want to get rid of grass hoppers then the bug you want is a praying mantis. When it comes to ladybugs, they are actually sought out, so people buy them just to release into their gardens. These cute little garden warriors are of great benefit to you. Let them go around any plant that may be weak to an aphid infestation such as tomatoes, peppers, and roses etc. This is something that might be nice to do with children so have them help you release the lady bugs into your garden if you can.

image3Then we have another type of bug that will really help your flowers and vegetables grow efficiently; butterflies. They are key to the survival of 80% of plants. Not only are they another small beauty of nature but they help your garden by pollinating. They aren’t alone in this because bees are also pollinators, so the next time you see a bee buzzing around don’t fret because they are only looking to pollinate some nearby flowers. Bees and butterflies are a very important part of nature because without them our plants will not grow and mature.

You can’t buy and release bees and butterflies so what you need to do is put some thought into what species of plants you put into your garden. To attract flying pollinators you’ll want to plant some colorful annuals, herbs and a lot of flowering perennials. These species of plant contain a lot of nectar and the more nectar, the more bees and butterflies you’ll notice in your garden. Your garden will also look vibrant and lush from the increased pollination. Always try to make sure that any pesticides you’re going to use in your garden are organic. Toxic chemicals from non-organic pesticides can kill off the good insects that will help your plants to thrive. If you have to use a pesticide, use one that’s a contact killer and only target insects that are damaging your garden. Keep this info in mind and you’ll be pleased with the end result.