How to Grow Tomatoes

image1Tomatoes are the world’s most popular home grown fruit, that’s right, they are a fruit. Many people are unaware of this fact but it is just that, a fact. Tomatoes being so popular to be grown in peoples gardens is great because they offer the most nutritional content when they are freshly picked. China accounts for 16 % of all tomatoes grown around the world.  If you love yourself some tomatoes and you’re just not having the best luck growing nice tomatoes than this will benefit you. Today I’m going to show you howimage2 to keep your tomatoes healthy and productive all season long.

To accomplish this there are a few things you need to pay attention to and stay on top of. The first tip I’ll give you is to stay consistent with watering your tomato plants. Tomatoes plants need about an inch of water a week and if you can keep those moisture levels constant than you’ll have less issues happening like the skins splitting and blossom end-rots. When you’re watering your tomatoes unevenly like a lot this week, none next week and a lot again the following week that you’ll end up having your beautiful tomatoes skin split on them and you’ll find yourself dealing with blossom end-rot more often.

image3So now that you’re watering your tomatoes evenly you’re ready for the second tip which is to pinch suckers. Yes this sounds really funny but I’m serious. You’re probably wondering what I mean and I’ll tell you. A sucker is just a little sprout on top of a branch that is going to turn into another branch but that sucker is taking up nutrients your tomatoes need. Only do this if your plant is at the size you want and you have a lot of flowers on it. The point of doing this is that you really want your plants energy focused on ripening the flowers into fruits your plant is ready to grow rather than starting new branches.

image4Now we are at the third tip. Make sure you’re doing a good job staking and supporting your plants. As the growing season progresses you may have to add another stake to your tomato plant so it has room to grow well and great support for large and delicious tomatoes. You may want to add another cage to accomplish the same thing. Any system for helping your plants grow and giving them support is a great step towards healthy tomatoes. It’s really important and it also really helps to keep the fruit clean and makes it easy to harvest when the time comes.  Keep an eye out for fungus on your tomato plants because if you catch it early it can be reversed without much damage to your plants. To keep any fungal diseases away from your tomatoes consider buying an organic fungicide. Make sure you pick a good one that is organic because you don’t want to be spraying any harmful chemicals on something you’re going to eat. With these tips you’ll be harvesting tomatoes all summer and have plenty to give to your friends and neighbors.