Hydrating and Fertilizing Your Yard


There is no doubt a lawn that is well taken care of is a breath of fresh air to see. A beautiful lawn looks great to passers-by and you get the treat of seeing a lush green yard included in your view as well. A well-kept lawn is always going to help give your home a clean and fresh appearance and add to its beauty. Making sure your lawn is in top shape will take some tender loving care but with regular practice of this the outcome will be worth it. Many people think lawn care is just keeping your grass trimmed but this is only one of the facets of proper lawn care. If you’re one of those people, than that’s probably why you might be having some trouble keeping a lush and crisp-looking lawn. You’re not alone, just follow along and you’ll pick up a few tips to add to your lawn care knowledge.

There is a proper way to water your lawn and if you think that way is just turning on the sprinkler for 15 mins a day then you’re sadly misinformed. Doing this will not suffice and give you a great lawn; to get a great lawn you should water it deeply and not as often for best results. Instead of turning on your sprinkler for 15 minutes a day, try turning it on for about 45 to 60 minutes every three or four days. When you water deeply, you’re allowing the water to soak down to about the 6 inch level and this will help your roots grow down deeper and give you more lush grass. Just changing the way you water your grass will make your grass tougher and build its strength against future droughts and foot or wheelbarrow traffic. Here’s a tip for you, get an empty tuna can and place it on your lawn when you’re watering. Once that can has filled up, your watering is finished for the next few days. If you have a lot going on or your memory isn’t what it used to be, than get yourself a notebook so you can keep track of when you watered your lawn last and when it’s rained.  Of course you can always get yourself a rain gauge which is also helpful in measuring the amount of rain that’s fallen. If Mother Nature is watering your grass, than you can hold off until next time to water it again.

Now if you haven’t considered it before and your grass just isn’t reflecting the work you put in while taking care of it, then why not try some fertilizer. Adding this to your lawn care routine can make a big difference in your lawn. In the summer I recommend using an organic top dressing fertilizer. This type is really great because you’re not going to burn your grass with it even on the hottest days of summer. When you give your lawn a

boost with fertilizer it will look beautiful and you’ll see how well-nourished it will become. Fertilizer won’t just effect your grass; it will have an effect on the soil and add many beneficial organisms to combat drought.

When your lawn is looking spotty and there are patches with very little grass growth, your best bet is to spot seed in those areas. Just make sure to try for the same species of grass seed as your lawn already has for grass or it may end up looking a little funny. To do this effectively you’ll need a bow rake or some type of cultivator for best results. Rake the spots, then spread the seed as evenly as possible over top.  Work the seeds into the soil, than water it. Water regularly with the rest of your lawn on schedule. Your lawn should be in top shape once you go through this list to fix any issues. Happy growing.