Keeping Small Animals out of Your Garden

image1Nature is beautiful and the animals that exist in it are just as beautiful, so it can be nice to see wild animals in your yard or near your home. If you have food bearing gardens than this might not be the case for you. A pretty sight can turn into a robbery of your hard work. Then you might have the issue of neighborhood pets getting into your soil and spoiling your garden as well. You can do a few things to keep this from happening and protect your gardens from the animals that may be intruding. Once you’ve taken these precautions then an animal in your yard can be observed stress free.

image2One of the ways you can protect your gardens from little critters is to use a repellant. They can be purchased at a local store or online; ask around for suggestions of the best working brands. If you’re concerned about what they contain exactly and weary on buying a premade solution, than you can make your own at home. It’s common for a repellant to contain a mix of pepper spray and garlic oil. There are great recipes online just make sure you follow all directions carefully when combining the ingredients and using them on your garden. Always make sure you’re consistent and you reapply your repellant after it rains for best effectiveness. Make sure you switch up your repellants every so often so there is no time for the animals to get used to them. This will add a little more security that the repellant is going to stay effective.

image3Once you have your repellant situation dealt with you’ll want to move onto making sure your garden is physically safe. Having a barrier is important to keep critters away from your fruit and vegetables. There are different options when it comes to physical barriers but I’ll just name a few; fencing of course whether it be plastic, wood or wire is great; raised beds also help keep your garden a little more safe. When dealing with fencing you may want to use mesh; just make sure it’s half inch to keep the small animals out. You also need to consider the height of your fence. This really depends on your particular garden area and what you’re trying to keep out. If you want to use some raised flower beds than there’s that option as well. They look nice and they are beneficial for more than just protecting your plants from animals. Raised beds extend your growing season, have great drainage, and help deter weeds. Just make sure your raised beds are at least 18 inches high.

image4Last but not least, your plant selection can help keep critters from eating or just tearing up your gardens. Many of the small animals you want to keep out of your gardens dislike onions and herbs so plant a variety of these plants all around your gardens near any of your other plants that may be a target. Plants such as basil, thyme, oregano, and chives, etc. are a few of the ones that will help set your animal deterring perimeter. Follow these tips and you should feel a little more comfortable about your gardens defense against small animals.