Lighting for any Mood

Having the proper lighting in your home for all of your needs and moods is one way to make a house feel like home. With so many different types of lighting on the market it is sometimes confusing as to which style of fixture is perfect for your needs; so here’s a little run down of some of the different types of lighting available to make your home the cozy nest you want it to be.

Lighting is one of those elements in a home or business that will either make it feel warm and welcoming, or stark and cold. That’s why when choosing your lighting fixtures you should look beyond the everyday and explore the many options available to you.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the type of lighting that creates a soft glow for seeing at night without having a bright glare. This type of lighting can be created in several different ways from candles to night lights to dimmer switches and recessed lighting. When installing your ambient lighting you should take into consideration the layout of your room or home in order to create an elegant flow from one space to another. This type of lighting is also great for creating showdown effects that add a decorative aspect to your décor.

Task Lighting

It is important to have bright non-glare lighting for tasks such as cooking and reading. That’s where task lighting comes in. Task lighting provides a direct beam of light to a specific area and can be re-adjusted to meet your current needs. Task lights usually encompass items such as free-standing lighting fixtures, table lamps, and reading lamps. Strategically placed recessed lighting is also an option, such as a recessed light over the kitchen sink. The direct beam over the sink provides enough task lighting to do what you need to do, while the effects of the recessed feature provide ambient lighting to the rest of the space giving you more bang for your buck.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is meant to highlight special aspects of your home, such as a favorite painting, or your potted plant collection. This type of lighting works great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. This is one of those lighting techniques that blend well with ambient lighting. Using a combination of dimmer switches, strategically placed candles, wall hanging accent lights, and night lights you are able to change the mood of any room at any time to accommodate your mood or the desired mood for your gathering.

Lighting design is one of the easiest ways to create different moods and atmospheres within your home. Having the correct lighting in your home is a great versatile way to achieve a welcoming feel to your home, business, or space while also adding a bit of detail and design through shadowing and vibrant silhouettes. Taking the time to plan out your lighting arrangement will give your home that warm and cozy feel that you want to come home to.