Making Balloon Animals

12Balloons can be fun and entertaining especially if you know how to make balloon animals. So today I’m going to show you how. To start I’ll show you how to make the basic sword and then the flying mouse which will introduce us to the basic twist. Once we have gone over those we will do the poodle. For the poodle dog, again we will use different sized variations of the twist which will get you more accustomed to using the balloons. After that we will make the teddy bear. The teddy bear will start to work with sizing and proportions and then we will bring in the fold twist. As we continue we will work with the monkey and introduce a second balloon. Next we will move onto making a balloon parrot which has some more interlocking twists and what is called a roll through which is actually just pushing a balloon through. After that we will go to the frog which is a different type animal that uses different interlocking twists that will actually combine the twists we’ve used previously. We will then get to make balloon tigers that use the basic twists we used in the teddy bear and the roll through twist. Making the tiger  will take the 3balloons we have used previously and combine them all together so that means we will be using the first couple designs of the balloons we’ve used,  to build the balloon tiger. We will make a star which will give us the capability of working with proportions and it will help us learn to break off any excess parts of balloons. This will teach us to size a balloon to any shape we would need. The last two we will go over that are made from multiple balloons are the baseball cap, which will 4demonstrate how to manipulate them, and the fish that’s made from three balloons, which uses the basic figures but with three balloons to make the balloon animal.

Hopefully you’ll be able to make all of these balloon animals in your designs with families and friends. What you are going to need are 260 balloons which is your standard balloon. You will also need a marker, a pump, and a pair of scissors that you can cut the balloons with. We also need to make sure we are being safe with these balloons so that means putting your stuff right away if you’re in a room with someone who has a latex allergy; allergies can be very serious so it’s best to ask around before you take out any supplies or you might send someone to the hospital. If you’re in the clear for allergies then the next part of safety is making sure you pick up all scraps of broken balloons because they are a choking hazard for small children if they are left on 5the floor. We will be working with scissors so of course you’ll need to be careful not to hurt yourself and to place them out of reach of small children. To get started learning how to make all of these wonderful balloon animals, continue watching the videos in this wonderful series.