Organic Pest Control

image1When you think about pest control, chemicals probably come to your mind first but you don’t need chemicals to get rid of those pests that are attacking your garden. There are organic pest control products you can control the unwanted bugs in your garden with. So let’s talk a little more about organic pest control and what it consists of. I’ll show you a couple of different organic and safe methods to manage your pests. Slugs can chew up your garden and kill your plants. For slug control in particular there is a product made especially for them. So we have some of it here and it is a container full of pellets. The pellets are made from iron phosphate which is harmless to your garden and it is fine to put in the soil. It is image2harmful to slugs and snails though. They are attracted to this mineral combination and they eat it but it is lethal to them it will kill them off. With use of this product you’ll notice them disappear from your garden. Iron phosphate is only lethal to snails and slugs though so if you have a different type of pest bothering your garden than try a different organic pest control product.

Another organic pest product is diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is made from diatoms which are fossilized sea creatures and these little guys are like razor sharp glass to a bug. Diatoms are not irritating to human skin because they are so tiny. To apply diatomaceous earth you just simply need to spread it around your garden. Diatomaceous earth is image3virtually effective on every type of insect so it really covers pest control well. You can spread this anywhere else you might have a pest problem as well image4and it really works wonders.

Something else you can use for organic pest control is an insect killing soap product. When choosing the right organic insect killing soap you’ll want to look for the OMRI symbol which means it is approved by the Organic Material Review Institute. If the product is listed as approved for organic agriculture by them than you can be assured it is organic and safe to use. You can spray these soaps directly on your plants and they won’t hurt them but they will knock down the bugs. Here we have a pyrethrum and oil mixture soap spray which is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers and it is able to kill a lot of different types of insects. You can spray it on your vegetables, fruit, all types of plants and it will get rid of the bugs that are attacking your plants. You can use a small handheld spray bottle or you can go for a bigger backpack sprayer model if you have a large amount of area to cover. You fill up the plastic tank with the solution and wear it as a backpack. It has tubing and a nozzle that you hold in your hand and control the direction and area you want to spray. Good luck getting rid of those pests in your garden organically.