Pressing Flowers

1Pressing flowers is a great method to preserve memories of flower bouquets or just your hard work in the garden and keep the beauty long after the frost has come and snow covers your lawn. If this has interested you in the past then why not try it out? I’ll show you how to pick the best flowers for pressing and how to 2press them to either keep them for years yourself, use them in crafts and décor or gift them to a loved one. There are two methods of flower pressing that I’ll go over today and they are flower pressing in the microwave and phone book flower pressing. With phone book pressing you’ll need some silica gel to absorb the unwanted moisture. I’ll show you how all of this is done, including how to remove your pressed flowers and restore them properly.

If you plan on using your pressed flowers in crafts then I have some great ideas to share with you like how to make a pressed flower bookmark. If you’re into scrapbooking then I’ll show you a few ideas you can use for that. One of them is a pressed flower petal picture frame made out of pressed rose petals. You can also use pressed flowers for greeting cards and you can make these crafts with things from around your home. The materials you might need for these different creations are a phonebook, tissue paper, an air tight bin, silica gel, a board, weights, small sharp scissors, paper towel and last but not least you’ll need some flowers.

34If flower pressing could be something you really enjoy then I suggest you purchase a microwave press. It’s optional but some flowers press very nicely in it. To store any flowers you’ve pressed, you should use acid-free cardstock, clear sleeves or even envelopes. If you’re planning on making floral art then tweezers and glue will be needed. For the pressed flower bookmarks, you’ll need a laminator and if you’re using them in your scrap book you’ll need a picture to frame and whatever other embellishments you feel would work well in your finished product.

When looking for the best flowers to press you need to find the prettiest and most flawless ones. I have an example of a great pansy to press right here. This one is yellow, and beautiful; the edges of the petals are smooth and that’s something you’re looking for when choosing. The other pansy we see here has irregular 56petals and they don’t like something you would want to preserve for years. The freshest flowers make the best floral art so if you’re given flowers it’s best to choose your keepers right away and start pressing them before any wilting starts to happen. Now let’s move onto looking at these roses. The yellow rose has visible imperfections and so does the red rose. The red rose as a darkened edge on one of the petals but this doesn’t mean we can’t press these flowers. You’ll simply just need to remove those petals and you’ll have a beautiful outcome still. This video series will continue with the information you want on flower pressing and the many things you can create with them, so keep watching.