Proper Comic Book Storage

12Hi there, I’m here today to help you on your journey to comic book collecting. I’m down on the floor now because I’ve already showed you how to place your comic books in your bags and safely remove them. Now it’s time to learn how to determine the right boxes to keep them in.  At the shop we sell comic boxes made specifically to hold comic books. I have an example of one right here. So now I will show you how to assemble them. Start by folding the lid on the crease lines on each side before you do anything else. Making sure it keeps the edge, you should now fold the flaps in and over into the tabs. Once you’ve done this one time it goes quite smoothly after that. Now that the lid is assembled, you can start the interior box. There are multiple kinds of boxes and most available now come in the form I have now for easier shipping. You’re going to have to fold the box 34out like I’ve just done and then proceed to pop the creases. I usually do this with my fist but you can cut it, just be very careful and make sure you don’t damage the way the box goes together. Once you’ve popped the creases you have to fold the bottom in. This box is labelled so it should be quite easy. Fold the first flap over and push it in. After that you need to fold the two edge flaps over which are labelled 2 and 3 that you’ve popped earlier and fold them over. Flap four should now be visible so you need to hold the bottom closed and flip the box right side up. Reach into the bottom and pull up the first flap from the inside. Once you flip 5up flap one you proceed to flip up flap 2 and 3, then after that you can flip flap one back down. You can pop the handles through in flap 2 and 3 and you can tape the edge around to hold that if needed. When the box is full with comics this won’t be something you’ll need to do.

The lid should now fit the top and you can put your comic books right in there. To place your comic books in there, you should gently stack them and place them in vertically in the front 6but you’ll then need to fill the back to make sure they all stay in place properly. You don’t want them falling over and sliding around because it can damage them greatly. If you don’t 7have enough books to fill the box you can add a piece of board and some crumpled paper behind it to keep them secure. In a long comic book box you can fit from 250 to 300 comic books, depending on the age of the books, their thickness and whether they have back boards or not. We have some other sizes as well like the small comic book box which holds 150 to 175 comics. There is also the magazine box which has a capacity of about 200 which most comic collectors use to hold mylar comics. The reason for this is that the mylar comics are a little taller and wider then a comic itself. Using a regular comic book box would damage the mylar and possibly the comic book but they fit comfortably in the magazine box. Now you know how to properly store your comics.