Seal Your Outlets, Save Money

Your outlets give you access to power throughout your home at your convenience. Most people are more concerned about if they have enough outlets to plug in what they need rather than how each one can be a gaping hole for your heat or air conditioning to leak out of. These are some of the many places air can leak from your home. You might spend a lot of time and energy closing off all the cracks, replacing weather stripping, and making sure your windows are energy efficient. The outlets in your home can be the culprit who gives you high energy bills and leaves you too cold or hot and not knowing why. All of this wasted energy also effects the environment in a negative way as well so it’s important to deal with.

If you fill those gaps in the outlets with insulation and seal them, you can save a lot of money to spend elsewhere. Getting the right tools and supplies won’t cost much and will benefit you on your bills so why not do it yourself. This project doesn’t even take a long time so you can fit it into your day and not have it affect your schedule too much. When it comes to your outlets, the real culprit is the big holes in your walls behind your faceplates so the issue is usually hidden away from eyesight.  Most of the time no one has insulated these gaps unless they are located on an outside wall but the interior outlets need to be done as well. It’s possible you didn’t even know there were specially made insulating inserts for your outlets and many people don’t so here’s to hoping they find this article.

The most effective way to insulate your home outlets is to use an appropriately sized foam outlet gasket which you can usually find at a hardware store in your area. If you by chance can’t find any then you might also find them online.  You won’t need much to get this job done other than the gaskets which should only cost about a dollar each, a screwdriver and some elbow grease. The small amount of effort and the low price range really make this project worth your while. Make sure you have the correct screwdriver for the screws in your outlets and be cautious not to strip them when removing. Most people have a set of screwdrivers in their home but if you don’t than you can pick the right one up at the store. Before purchasing your foam gaskets measure each outlet to ensure you buy the correct size. You will need a measuring tape or ruler for this but once you measure one you can remove it and place it over your other outlet faceplates to see if they are the same size.

No matter what form of insulation you are using to fill your outlets make sure you turn off the power breakers at the circuit box to prevent shock or electrocution. Once you have the faceplate removed you can add the insulation or caulk. You can also use safety plugs in your outlets when you aren’t using them to aid in keeping from losing any energy through them as well. This project will be beneficial in every area you consider so don’t wait to start saving some money on next months bills.