Simple Methods to Conserve Energy and Save Money

There are many energy efficient products on the market in this highly environmentally conscious culture that we currently live in. Unfortunately these products have still not come down in cost enough to make them a reasonable energy conservation option for a lot of homeowners. So what can you do to save money and conserve energy in your older home until they do? Here are a few easy to do low cost conservation tips that you can implement right away.

Lighting Changes

Electricity is historically one of man’s most life changing inventions, and we rely on it every day for everything from entertainment to being able to see at night. It hasn’t been until recently though that electrical innovations have developed more cost effective ways to reduce your electrical energy foot print within your home; and one of those developments has been in light bulbs.

Many states have already begun banning certain wattage traditional light bulbs in order to promote the use of more energy efficient and environmentally sound products such as Compact Florescent Lighting (CFL) bulbs, Halogens Bulbs, and most recently the LED bulb. These bulbs may be more expensive in the short run; however they are coming down in price quickly, and they will provide you with substantial saving in the long run though lower electrical bills, and fewer bulb changes due to these types of bulbs having substantially longer life spans, some up to ten years.

Duct Work Evaluation and Repairs

Your old duct work is another place that you can cut back on energy expenses in your efforts to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Over time air ducts begin to deteriorate and connection points begin to leak air decreasing your HVAC systems ability to work efficiently. An easy and cost effective way to minimize leaks is to perform an annual inspection of your heating and cooling units system including all of the duct work. Duct work leaks are easily corrected with an inexpensive roll of specially made foil tape and a little bit of your time.

If your actual HVAC unit is not working properly it is worth the expense of having it repaired or replaced due to the amount of money you will be saving on your monthly energy bills. Some replacement options are also eligible for tax deduction purposes at the end of the year, making this a doubly good way to be energy conscientious.

Window and Door Jam Drafts

As summer winds down and the cooler weather arrives it is easy to notice drafts caused by leaking door jams and cracked window seals. This is the ideal time to replace worn out seals and repair door jams to minimize the amount of heat that escapes as well as eliminating drafts that enter the home. These repairs will also pay off in the summer time when your costly cool air is no longer escaping through these leaks.

Energy efficiency is about more than turning off the lights when not using them or having expensive Energy Star appliances. Taking the time to complete minor repairs, switching over to more efficient bulbs, and sealing your homes leaks are also vital to keeping your home efficient saving you money in the long term.