The Basics of Fertilizing Your Garden

image1If you have a yard the chances are that you want it to look nice and to do that you need to take care of it. Sometimes you can trim it to the right length and water it properly, weed it, but it still just won’t grow into the lush plant life you’re hoping for. The next thing you can try is fertilizer. Once you fertilize your yard and garden, your soil will be chalk full of the important nutrients your plants needs to thrive. For healthy growth, your plant life requires 14 essential nutrients and fertilization will provide that so why not give it a try. Some people have the luxury of being able to hire someone to take care of their landscaping but many of us don’t and a lot of people actually love doing it themselves. Weather you can’t afford a landscapers fees or you just truly enjoy taking care of it yourself then this is for you. These tips will help image2you to foster healthy growth on your property and stop you from making uninformed mistakes when growing.

No one wants to spend their precious time doing something and have that time go to waste. Sometimes you might be over doing it and it could end up causing damage rather than making anything better. Over watering your image3plants can flood out the nutrients they need. Excessively cutting your grass can dry it out. Over fertilizing can do damage as well so you also need to be careful with that. There may be some things you don’t actually need the directions for but fertilizer is not one of them. Always read and follow the directions for your fertilizer. Your plants may seem to need a lot of help but adding too much fertilizer will cause damage, rather than grow you a bean stock. Adding too much will affect your soil and in turn affect all plants growing in that area negatively; wasting your time and money.

image4Many gardeners have a vegetable garden. They can be pretty and you can grow some of your own food. Growing your own veggies is a lovely perk but your vegetable garden needs lots of tender love and care if you want great produce to come from it. When it comes to growing anything edible you’ll want to use an organic fertilizer. They contain a much larger spectrum of nutrients then non-organic fertilizers which will aid in fighting off disease much more effectively and your produce will be clear of any harmful chemicals.

You may need to set aside a certain amount of time to tend to your garden and in today’s busy life you’ll need all the time you can get so if you’re someone who is busy then why not try something that will cut  down on your gardening time. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of mulching and maybe you use mulch in your garden already. Did you know that you can mulch with compost? It still keeps many more weeds at bay and it helps retain moisture in your soil but it also delivers some important nutrients that will fertilize your garden as it breaks down into the soil. So try out some of these tips and watch your gardening issues recede and your plant life grow to be healthy and beautiful.