Tree Planting Guide

image1If you’re looking to do something great then the single best thing you can do for the environment is to go out and plant a tree. Tree planting isn’t just for Arbour Day, Earth Day or other earth loving occasions. You can plant trees almost year round and it’s actually pretty simple to do. Trees are beneficial to every living thing on earth in so many ways. They clean they our oxygen, they filter the ground water and image2they provide a lovely habitat for local wildlife like birds, squirrels, insects etc. Trees give us shade and cool areas in the summer. Trees are like a humungous air conditioning, air purifying, wild life habitats all rolled into one beautiful package. Most trees will stick around doing their multitasking job for many generations. So many trees are clear cut for the land or chopped down for lumber and a lot of people don’t even consider the consequences this has on the air and wildlife etc. You never need an excuse to plant a tree; just do it.

image3Choosing the tree you want to plant that will thrive in your climate is often the hardest part of planting it. If you’re going to plant a large shade tree you’ll need the planting spot to be about 30 feet from a house or building. If you want to plant a smaller ornamental or fruit tree, it only needs to be planted about 10 feet from a house or building. Smaller trees are a bit easier to find a spot for because they fit into more spaces and the possibilities are much more plentiful. Another thing you need to think about is if the location you picked to plant your tree has enough light. You’ll also want to make sure that the planting spot has proper drainage before choosing your tree.

image4When the time comes that you’re ready to plant your contribution to humanity you’ll need a few things. The first thing you’ll need is some shovels some mulch and of course some friends to plant trees as well. When transplanting a tree seedling, dig your planting hole twice as wide as its pot but only as deep as it. Be sure to remove it gently from the pot and carefully place it into the center of the hole. Now you can start to backfill about halfway up in the hole then water it really heavily so the soil soaks it up and remolds around the potted soil helping to hold it firmly in place. Next you can finish backfilling it all the way to the top of the potted soil. Add on mulch in a doughnut ring and proceed to water the tree heavily again. Tag your tree with its species so you remember what type you’ve picked and anyone else can observe and read its species if they are curious. You can now sit back and enjoy its benefits. If you want to have a good time and help the earth and community for years to come then get some friends together and plant some trees. Not only will it be a great thing to do in general but it will also bring back a little more of the beauty of nature into the world again.