Work from Home Productivity Tips

The ability to work from home is something that many people strive for and even fewer achieve. Working from home may not have commuting or dress code requirements, but it has many of its own challenges to overcome, such as procrastination, home life interruptions, and a host of other issues that are specific to each business and home. There are some easy strategies that you can use to become more productive and efficient when working from home though and we’re here to share a few of them with you.

Create your Own Space

Although it is great to be able to work from anyplace within the home, it can sometimes be difficult to concentrate or get into the correct work mindset. Assigning a specific area of the home such as a home office signals to your brain that when you are in that space you are there to work and focus. Having a designated work area also indicates to others within the home that you are in work mode and they should act accordingly with interruptions and noise, etc. This strategy works well for students and their studying habits also.

Prepare to Go to Work

It is nice not to have to get up and spend time grooming for work or dressing professionally, but this can also be a deterrent from actually working. It’s fine to have those cold winter days or simply regenerative days where you work in sweats or your pajamas, but for the most part you should still establish a morning get ready for work routine that includes putting on at least business casual or dressy comfort clothes to work in. This is another technique that tricks the brain into work mode. Plus having a routine and getting dressed for work provide your day with transition periods so that you do not become stagnant and lose focus or become unmotivated.

Organize your Work Space

Whether you work in an office or at home having an organized work space is directly linked to productivity, efficiency, and competency. It is difficult to be efficient when you can’t find your papers, or don’t have an organized schedule that keeps you moving forward. Spending the time up front to create an organized environment and then once a month updating and purging any items that need to be tweaked, filed, or discarded will help get and keep you organized and productive.

Set Business Hours or Work Hour Rules on the Home Front

Family interruptions are inherent in working from home. The best way to minimize these interruptions and manage your work time better is to establish a process for discerning if you are working or just hanging out. This could be something as straight forward as assigning yourself work hours, to something more flexible such as creating an “I’m in/I’m out” magnetic notification board that family members can look at before interrupting you to see if you are at the office or at home. Whatever method works for you, as long as you establish a notification system for those around you to follow and be aware of.

Working from home is a dream for some people and a nightmare for others. Whichever way you tend to lean on the issue, if you want to be productive and efficient you have to incorporate boundaries, structure, and self-discipline if you want to be productive.